Shirring 5' Leotard


The unique design by Ballessimo.

Shirring detail at front, bust lining, low-leg cut.

Color : Black, Rose

Frill Leotard


The first leotard designed by Ballessimo.

Frill detail, soft touch, bust lining, low-leg cut.

Color : Black, Mint, Rose

Size : S, M, L

Pull-on skirt


The simplest, the most convenient skirt for ballerinas.

You can feel soft touch.

Colors : Beige, Fuchsia, Riverside

Size : Free

Length : 28cm(front), 33cm(back)            Width : 33cm

Chiffon skirt


The lightest, the most elegant skirt for ballerinas.

Soft and unique ribbon is made of artificial suede or velvet.

Length : 33cm(back)

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